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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Vega - 'Who We Are'

Melodic rock band Vega keeps the spirit of the eighties alive and well with their fourth studio album, Who We Are. It’s evident they aren’t trying to be a copy of their influences, but rather just enjoy themselves and do what it is that they love.

Formed in 2009 after a meeting of minds at JB’s in Dudley between the four-some, who each have notable experience in the industry and now collectively have supported FM, Magnum and under previous guises Thunder, Vega wear their influences on their sleeve and produce a sound that’s pure AOR indulgence.

All members demonstrate their proficiency with this album, notably Marcus Thurston’s rapid and technical guitar lines that complement the melodic arrangements. However, it’s the powerful vocals of Nick Workman that are the standout element of the record that showcase effortless transitions between registers and blistering falsettos.  

Vega often mention how much of an influence bands such as Europe and Def Leppard have been, and it’s with the dominating keyboards in “White Flag” and the vocal harmonies in “Ignite” – arguably the strongest tracks on the record – that this shows the most. Vega is a compliment to the Def Lep genre with a modern edge that gives the tracks a personality of their own.

The album cover, featuring caricatures of the band members, doesn’t give much away about their sound, but it does tell you they’re able to have fun with themselves. They bring strong game to an already established genre and do it justice. If it ain’t broke, right?

Words by Fil Piovano

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