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Monday, 21 March 2016

HRH AOR On The Road - Bristol 02 Academy, 18/03/16

Ahead of North Wales’ Hard Rock Hell Festival celebrating its 10th Anniversary in November 2016, HRH AOR is on the road.

The Texas Flood, BonafideHardcore Superstar and The Quireboys are stopping off at Bristol’s 02 Academy, and with a 6.30pm start, it’s over three hours of guitar-driven, classic rock heaven.

Looking around the room you feel like you’re on set of Wayne’s World 3; leather, hair and more leather with glassy eyed, smiling faces expecting to fill their heads with rock.

The night is solidly fulfilling its reputation with plenty of sweaty hair-swinging, frighteningly fast fret-frenzies, rock screams and “owww’s and a stench of Jack Daniels filling the air. You wouldn’t expect anything less at an event like this, surely

Welsh trio The Texas Flood are up first with their remoulded vintage, riff-heavy offerings, then Bonafide follow, who tonight are a solo act with the rest of the band unable to make it. And a great job he does too, sampling the wares of what seems like a great band, taking influence from AC/DC and The Cult and giving it a good shake up. 

Next up, Swede Joakim Berg heads up Hardcore Superstar, running the stage like a cage-bound hamster freshly released. These guys are like a parody, but for real. (“Garth, that was a Haiku.”) With dramatic opening music and commonplace stances and vocal screeches; not quite Whitesnake, but they look like they’re having the best time. 

The Quireboys close the night with their classic bottle-swigging, boot-stomping, bar room rock ‘n’ roll. Lead singer Spike is swaggering the stage with ease and offers his trademark red carnation to a lady in the crowd. Playing hits like ‘Hey You’ and ‘OClock’ means it’s definitely time for a party. The new stuff is just as graciously received and the evening ended on a dancing high with a crowd full of excitement. And booze.

Tonight definitely whets the appetite for HRH later this year.

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