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Saturday, 27 February 2016

These Wicked Rivers - The Enemy

Hard-working, blues-rocking Derby-based foursome These Wicked Rivers aren't afraid to go back to their roots. 

With influences like Joe Bonamassa, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton and Counting Crows, they say they're going back to what they were brought up on, what shaped and inspired them in the hope that it will inspire others.

What better reason to form a band than that basis? Born from Lead Vocalist John Hartwell's desire to perform his music live, the band have released their debut EP 'The Enemy'.

It kicks off with 'Ladykiller', instantly engaging with punchy drums, a strong and thunderous guitar and a deep and sinister vocal; all the elements needed for an enjoyable hard-rocker, while nothing too strenuous lyrics-wise. 

'The Bottom Of Here' has a melancholic streak, vulnerable in its sound to begin with which climbs from gentle strums and soft vocal to chunky chords and sincere, screaming vocals. This one is clearly not about having the best of times, portrayed in the most poignant way.

Speeding things up again, 'I Can't Take It' starts with rhythmic, jungle-esque drums and distorted riffs that leads into a funk-vibed tempo and articulated growlings. This track would fit in nicely with a Nashville bar crowd as well as an arena full of rock lovers. It's about as versatile as you want it and a typically great listen for fans of blues-rock. 

Last up, title track 'The Enemy' is fast paced and in your face; hard and heavy in every sense. The lyrics portray a love/hate relationship that inspires a try-harder attitude. Perfectly produced in crisp sounding unison, the determination and passion for what they do filters through on the first listen. 

Here is a great example of new rock music born from hard work, passion and determination. An inspiring story from this group of Midlands mates who are producing quality, versatile tunes that hit the spot for rockers. This is one to watch out for in the future.

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