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Saturday, 30 January 2016

The King Lot - 'The King Lot'

Having a raw live energy as a band is one thing, but to exude the same vigour through recorded music is entirely another. 

If you can achieve this, then that, friends, is the dog''s pyjamas. But what's so special about these pyjamas?

The King Lot know all about that. The Scottish trio have shared a stage with acts such as The Answer, H.E.A.T, Big Country and Quireboys and have built up a huge following of their own over the past two years. 

As a live act, the band are full of vitality. It's high energy, hard-edged, crowd-pleasing rock and their debut self-titled album mirrors the same pace and attitude. 
Opening track 'As They Burn' has a dark 'n' stormy backdrop, with relentless rhythm, funk-laced bass, catchy riffs and a singalong element. This is the theme throughout, especially with tracks 'One of These Days', 'Addicted' and 'The Bang Of A Drum'.

A journey through the emotions, the mood is light and carefree with 'Let's Get Together' and 'Telegram' which works like a summer driving, radio-up-top-down pick-me-up, while things slow down with 'Ghost Of You', displaying the gritty vocal of Jason Sweeney (lead vocals / bass) and would make an emotive acoustic live track. 'Until My Dying Day' and 'All Is Not Lost' allow for a breather, to melodically reflect on the passion and pain from past relationships.

Last up, 'Queen Of Hearts' strips down to its bluesy under layers; just sauntering rock vocals and juicily R 'n' B basted idle strums. Echoing shouts of 1,2,3 in the background portray this being recorded off the cuff at the side of a bar somewhere.

Let's not take things too seriously now; like a sweet and tasty sugar high, this album leaves you wanting more. It's an understanding of the addictive feel-good feeling and it helps you to achieve it. Play it, play it loud.

The album is available to download through iTunes and Amazon.

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