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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Bigfoot - 'Stone Soldiers'

Feeling fed up of the state of music today? Wish you could re-live the good-old glory days? Think new music doesn't have much to offer?

It's times like this when a band like Bigfoot come along and you think "Phew. Thank you", and faith is somewhat restored.

The Wigan-based five piece only formed in 2014, but time is no match for their hard rocking experience, having nailed slots at Bloodstock, Hard Rock Hell and Breakout festival in 2015.

Homegrown from diverse musical tastes from The Eagles to Pantera, they've created a sound that would appeal to the bedroom bound, angst-ridden teenager and their Deep Purple loving dad.

 Their second EP is going to be released on 30th January and is the perfect showcase. Title track 'Stone Soldiers' makes you feel warm and cosy in the knowledge that this is going to be good collection of songs. It's going to be "your thing", featuring all the elements a good rock record should. Antony Ellis' multi-tonal vocal works well with a strong backbone from Tom Aspinall (drums) and Matt Avery (bass), consistently catchy riffage from Sam Millar (guitar) in crafted unison with Mick McCullagh (guitar).

"In The Gutter" has a cheeky funk about it, while urging you to turn up to 11 with thunderously chunky guitars and a relentless harmonic seam running through it.  The same with the melodic "Run". This would happily sit on a radio playlist next to the big guns and totally hold it's own.

"Just Like Me" is definitively anthemic, rousing the need to transport to a stadium and throw your arms up while singing along at full volume. It's what this song deserves, so let's hope one day it gets it's stadium-anthem performance debut.

Finally, "Blame It On The Dog" is a bit of a laugh. It pokes fun at...well, anything you want it to really; comparing said situation you find to be a bit shit, to the same excretions from Fluffy the poodle. Slapping bass and underlying R 'n' B creates a good-time tongue in cheek tune.

You can sense the friendship between these guys and how it transcribes into the music. Fun, good times and a bond through a common and genuine talent has resulted in the evolution of Bigfoot. 

Catch them if you can on one of their tour dates and festivals around the UK. Details at

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