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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Beth Hart - Colston Hall Bristol, 01/05/15

Blues-rock queen Beth Hart paid a visit to Bristol's Colston Hall as part of her UK tour to promote the new album 'Better Than Home'.

Perched behind her piano with her hair scraped up, she comments 'it feels really relaxed tonight. It's just like we're all in someone's living room and it's like yeh, sing this one', which is exactly how it was.

Beth hasn't had it easy and her experiences have shaped her spirit. Watching her sing you can feel every bump of her rollercoaster life through her lyrics. 'As Long As I Have A Song' is the purest example of how music helps people, as she describes it, as long as she's able to write music, she doesn't need all the vices of her former life.
Her emotions seem directly linked to her vocal chords, as you can see the emotions in her eyes with every word. 

You can liken Beth to other female greats, as has been done before - Etta James, Janis Joplin, but you can't pin her style down. Because it's her own. Tonight, she'd go from a pain-fuelled ballad with a soft, warm vocal to a rock screamer like 'Waterfalls'. 

Above the admireable vocal ability and undeniable musical talent of this lady, Beth is real, she's honest. She'll talk to her crowd about personal things like friends and swears like a trucker. All part of the delight, frankly.

If this is what the 'Baddest Blues' sounds like, then it's the best kind. It's said that great things can come from darker times and Beth's story is absolutely one of that. She uses her stories to give others the beauty of her songs, each one more intriguing than the last.

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