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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Volbeat - Olympia Theatre Dublin, 27/05/18

Words by Adrian Ball

Dublin’s stunning Olympia Theatre is an apt setting for a band making big waves with their high energy performances.  Although a much smaller venue than the usual European gigs, this should create a special and intimate show.

There’s a definitive buzz in the crowd with fans from all over Europe giving an electric atmosphere even before the opening act hits the stage.  Fangclub open the proceedings on this warm and clammy night, who slowly win the crowd over with their grunge style, reminiscent of Nirvana. Heavy guitars, solid drums and the crowd are clapping along.  Then the mere mention of the headline act has the crowd even more frenzied.

The lights are up and the crew begin the reveal of the Volbeat stage set to cheers from the crowd, the audience move into position after the usual post drink break, the lights dim once more and Volbeat enter the stage.

The set starts with The Devil’s Bleeding Crown and the audience begin the set-long sing-a-long, with horns raised aloft.  Michael Poulsen (lead vocals) is engaging with the crowd and receives a hero’s welcome as if this were his home town.  This is a full-on classic set, including a wealth and depth many bands cannot match from Lola Montez, Seal The Deal, Doc Holliday and For Evigt.  The band can do no wrong tonight and are firing on all cylinders throughout, moving around the stage and controlling the audience participation like a conductor guiding an orchestra.

This night in Dublin is going to take some beating.

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