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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Jack J Hutchinson - Paint No Fiction

Words by Adrian Ball
Leicester born and London based guitarist and singer/songwriter Jack J Hutchinson is releasing his new album Paint No Fiction tomorrow, following an earlier release and two EPs.  Jack has strutted the stage with some of the best including Marcus Bonfanti as well as supporting such names as Dr. Feelgood and Ian Siegal. 
Deal With The Devil is an opening track that hints at southern-rock, crying out with attitude and is delivered in smooth style that oozes class. This leads nicely to Written In Stone which is so laid back it’s almost horizontal. This track brings along with it a relaxing vibe that has the ability to subliminally wipe away any stress. Who needs yoga when you have music? 
Hip Slickin' is a toe tappin’, hip-shaking, strutting track.  There are riffs and hooks galore that keep your ears glued to the speaker and not wanting to miss a moment, while Hold me close slows the pace again, allowing you to sink into your favourite chair with a silky-smooth vocal for company.  The gentle guitars just add to this spine tingling creation.
The stripped back performance of Cut The Noose continues the bluesy, southern style and shows its high class delivery from the very beginning.  An outstanding track on the album.  
Rattlesnake Woman gets things back to heavy with distorted guitar, solos and a more urgent style of vocal delivery that shows the depth and breadth of the talent on show. 
Send Me A Signal is a soft, beautifully written song that is a perfect finale to a well-crafted album that gives the listener an enjoyably emotive journey. 
Paint No Fiction is to be played and enjoyed, then repeated again. Several times over. 

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