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Friday, 27 October 2017

Siblings Of Us - ‘Who Are We Anymore’

Words by Charles Patterson 
Bristolian duo Siblings Of Us are seemingly on a mission to bring the 80s back. Latest release Who Are We Anymore  (a follow up EP to debut Fear Me/Love Meis full of synths and falsettos that wouldn’t have sounded out of place 30 years ago, but strangely manage to sound uniquely up to date.

There is variety to there too; while for the most part it feels like synth-pop, there are markedly dark elements. We TheBritish American is full of angst, while the futuristically named Neon Lungs is the heaviest track on the EP by far. Variety is always a good thing, but you feel if a full-length album is to follow, the band will have to pull themselves into one genre or another.

Having said that, the darker sounds are what grab your attention. The fact that there is very little out there like this band, means there is a niche market to be conquered and they certainly have the capacity and energy to do it. Having released two EPs and a single in the last year or so, plus performing regularly shows ambition and the drive to move onto bigger things.

Siblings Of Us are definitely worth a listen, even if you’re not the biggest fan of synths there’s bound to be something to draw your ear. And unlike the 80s, they’re just getting started.

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