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Monday, 10 April 2017

Silencers - 'Sick'

Words by Charles Patterson.

East Midlands based Silencers are one of those bands with the uncanny ability to perform a wide variety of styles and pull it off every single time. Singer-songwriter Andy Garratt was once signed to Atlantic Records and uses all his music experience to churn out singalong hits at an alarming rate. With two EPs and a single already released, and back in the studio recently, it seems Silencers are a band with real drive and ambition to produce the goods.

The opening track Dr Zane on this three-track EP Sick has a heavy drum /guitar laden intro with raspy vocals, with a catchy refrain that we can all relate to. A couple of attractive guitar solos feature in this tune too, which really set the song off.

Don’t Touch Me, I Am Sick begins with a similar sound, and the theme of sickness and health continues; “I’m a sickly man,don’t touch me if you can. Touching is a ban.” At a similar track length and sound, these two tracks could be spiritual siblings, but are a touch too alike, especially if they were to feature on a full length album.

Closing track Stay Like The Rain is the heaviest of the trio with more of a grungy sound and at times resonates like old-school Nirvana. With the first strong riff kicking in after just a minute over a constant drum beat, this is a highlight on the EPand nails the grunge style.

Hopefully this is a teaser for a forthcoming album and is well worth checking out. If you want to see just how versatile Silencers are, their previously released single Sally Anne has a 60s pop-rock sound, in contrast to this EP, but just as thrilling.

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