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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Mike Tramp, Fuel Cardiff - 14/03/17

Mike Tramp and his Band of Brothers made a stop at Cardiff’s Fuel tonight as part of a European tour. 

Made up of Soren Andersen, Claus Langeskov and Kenny Andy, this is by no means an outing for the ex-White Lion frontman’s previous hits, but a showcase of songs that have done him proud throughout his solo career.

The crowd isn’t singing along to every word and Mike does his best to serenade two ladies at the front to not much avail. The venue is small, packed and hot so maybe these sweater-clad Cardiffians aren’t ready for such Danish charm.Especially when it comes to guitarist Soren’s leather-clad wiggles to compliment some shocking guitar techniques.

But then, after intervals of musical nostalgia, vinyl memories and a united belief in the Gods of Rock, the crowd is loosening up. Songs from previous solo releases Nomad and Capricornplus the new album Maybe Tomorrow which sound like the Eagles and Tom Petty’s love child, without betraying their rock roots, is giving an atmosphere of a backstreet Louisiana saloon bar and you’re dropping in on a class act giving it their all. 

A sprinkling of White Lion, albeit alternative versions including a deconstructed When The Children Cry, is pleasing the punters, but the band is steadfastly ignoring shouts for the popular Wait which is a bit disappointing. That’s soon forgiven and forgotten and Mike is clearly glad to be away from all that 80s fluff. He states it’s all about the music, and how right he is.

Finishing in proper Nordic rock style with speed defying riffs, big drums and even bigger stances and a brotherly ‘cheers’ of their guitar necks; a content feeling that this has been a great night of music fills the room. Let’s hope they come back again soon, Cardiff misses them already.

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