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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Silk Road - Silk Road

Words by Paul Brigstock

Oxford based hard-rocking four piece Silk Roadwith a love for filthy riff rock and keeping it Silky, have recently released their self-titled EP recorded at Dethrone Studios.

Opener ‘A Thug Called Love’ has a real Guns ‘n’ Roses feel,with Slash style licks and a Welcome To The Jungle groove. The only thing missing from this track to make it stand up against some of today’s bigger bands, are backing vocals. There are none at all. Some big harmonies and gang vocals could turn a good track into a classic.

‘Beyond’ has a huge drum sound as Charles Evans (drums)gets to show off his power and technique here, showing Silk Road have a tight and musically mature rhythm section.
Track ‘Here With Me opens with a ‘Peaches’ (Presidents Of The United States Of America) style guitar part, followed by an almost haunting vocal and solid bass line. Charles shines through yet again, creating space and power behind basic yet powerful chord structures. Rory Drohan (guitar) takes a moremelodic approach to his solo in here, adding dynamic to the track.

A love for Black Stone Cherry and epically long songs cuts through with ‘An Ending’, coming in at five minutes 29 seconds. Musically, this track is en pointe; a fast and furious riff followed by an instantly memorable chorus shows Silk Road have writing skills beyond their years. Perhaps the EP would benefit from some different tunings or playing in alternate keys to add variety for the vocals. 

Jonny Payne (fantastic name) has his turn in the lime light with the bass heavy intro to Double Dealing’. Some great riffs and a fantastic groove to this track, but vocally it could have done with more power or some 80’s rock harmonies.

All in all this is a brilliant start to their musical career. Having only been working with this line up since January 2016, Silk Road are definitely a band to follow and watch as they grow. Get involved. 

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