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Monday, 4 July 2016

Reece - 'Noisebox'

Words by Filippo Piovano

Straight-cut, no nonsense rock n’ roll is the debut EP from Welsh band Reece and is a great indication of fierce determination, sticking true to your guns and having a good time doing it.

Though a veteran by most standards, Rob Reece (Lead Vocals) sure has kept up to date and doesn’t try to relive the 90’s over againThis EP has a modern vibe and with a vocal sounding incredibly fresh, you could easily mistake this for an up-and-coming young rock band judging by the tracks alone.

‘Fear’, the first single from the EP, along with the title track is hard-hitting and to the point, with solid support from Russ Rogers’ drumming and Jon Davies on guitar, while Peace and Harmonyslows it down a notch and includes some great melodic hooks. However, it’s the closing track, ‘I Won’t Let This Go To Waste’, that stands out and wraps things up on a high note. With a country-blues edge, it has everything you’d expect from a great southern style rock song; prominent slide guitars, pulsating rhythms and story-telling lyrics.

Despite not making it to the big leagues yet, there’s no stopping these guys doing what they love. In this day and age, where music acts have become increasingly about image and trying to extend their fifteen minutes of fame for as long as possible, it’s refreshing to come across a hard-working band who possess genuine talent, doesn’t bow down to conventions and is in it purely for the passion.

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