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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cherry White - 'Staring At The Sun'

Fresh from playing at Planet Rockstock festival this year, Cherry White are giving a heady injection of Led Zep, Queen, The Who and White Stripes inspired rock to new music.

They're not newcomers to the gig circuit, having headlined established venues across the UK, and they've just released an EP packed with examples of why this passionate blues-rock outfit should be acknowledged.

Take the single 'Drifter'; it's the musical version of these guys saying "We're here. With attitude. Take notice." It's loud, proud, down 'n' dirty. Like a tiger prowling through the jungle, ready to pounce with a delta deep sousing.

'Do It Better' is upbeat strums melded with tales of desperate struggles and loss of hope, keeping the faith and strength, for whatever you want to apply it to. 

'Angel' shows off the vocal talents of lead singer Donata Sounds beautifully. Why shouldn't a rock brand literally singing the praises of their classic rock influences be able to show their softer side? This track does that perfectly.

Back to their punchy selves with '7 Days', and smouldering towards the finale with 'Blue Eyes' which gives a taste of whiskey-soaked jazz, twinkling piano and laid back blues. Would be a great one to see live, proving the obvious crafted connection between Donata and other members Russell Jones (guitar / vocals), Ralph Beeby (bass / vocals) and Felipe Drago (drums).

Title track 'Staring At The Sun' closes up what is a neatly packaged and clear cut example of new music showing it's mature side. This band have worked and hard and have the backing in this EP to prove it. With the support of the main rock radio station in the UK, they're obviously doing something right. 

Download all of Cherry White's recorded music from iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and Spotify. 

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