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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Joe Satriani - Colston Hall Bristol, 08/11/15

Joe Satriani’s Shockwave tour has seen him invite blues-rock guitarist and singer Dan Patlansky as his special guest over 25 shows, which included tonight at Bristol’s Colston Hall.

Not so much a support act as a double headliner, Dan more than warmed up the crowd with his unique blend of screaming rock vocal and soulful playing with a blues-funk twist.
Starting off with the instrumental ‘Drone’ that led into ‘Bring The World To Its Knees’ from previous album 20 Stones, this had the crowds undivided attention. ‘Run’ is from a yet to be released album that’s coming in April 2016, which paved the way for ‘Hold On’ and ‘Backbite’ from his current studio album ‘Dear Silence Thieves’.

Ever grateful to Planet Rock for bigging him up massively recently, he played his biggest hit Fetch Your Spadeseemingly recognised by most of the bobbing heads in the near vicinity. 

He combines this fret-fiddling skill with a growling vocal. Like cool ice cream spiked with chilli, it’s a blend of sweet funk with a burst of intensity. At one point displaying a one-handed, string bending Hendrix like moment, bringing the phrase beat up six string to a whole other level. He has no problem proving his worth to this axe-crazy crowd. 

Then it’s Satch time. Joe arrives on stage and no words are needed. He knows how to make that guitar talk and what a story it has to tell. There was a mixture of a crowd, including an eight year old boy who looks to his father for dual appreciation when Joe really nails it

An explosive (and very loud) start with ‘Shockwave Supernova’, title track from the album released this year, that led into a perfectly linked chain of hits new and old, including ‘Friends’, ‘Time’, ‘Crazy Joe’ and ‘Satch Boogie.’

For the casual crowd, this is a couple of hours of solid going guitar tech. But anyone can appreciate the skill and hard work that goes into this kind of talent. For the hardcore shred fans, this is a dream and full attention and respect was paid throughout. 

This double-headed delight was witnessing top talent created with pure ease. The guitar is the blank canvas (or for these guys, an abacus, a church organ, a ripped out car engine, a woman – anything they laid their hands on could create something special), where the magic is crafted.

Photo credit: Sakura Henderson

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