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Friday, 12 June 2015

Wildflowers hit the road in their 'Race to Glasto'.....but they need you to tell them where.

Bristol based band Wildflowers are about to embark on their ‘Race to Glasto’ tour with a twist.

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, they are embracing the free-spirited nature that they encapsulate so well and are heading off on a UK tour, starting at Loch Lomond on Sunday 21st June and ending up at Glastonbury festival in time for their slot on Saturday 27th. Not only will it be entirely funded by their fans on Twitter but each venue will be nominated by them too. 

Lead singer Siddy Bennett said: “Bands in the 60’s didn’t worry about money, riders and royalties. They just jumped on the tour bus and went where the music took them. We love that ethic but wanted to bring it back for the social media generation.”

As if not knowing which venues they’ll be playing isn’t venturesome enough, the choice to ‘live crowd fund’ will mean fans will be asked to make a donation at the shows to cover petrol on to the next venue. Not enough money will mean grinding to an abrupt halt. 

This might seem like a daunting prospect, plus there’s a chance of not making it to Glastonbury on time, but Siddy isn’t fazed. She said: “It’s definitely a gamble, but I don’t feel daunted by it because we can always busk to raise money to get to the next stop. We’ve already had loads of offers from fans saying come and have a cup of tea at our house when you pass, so people are already behind the idea. I think the whole experience is going to be really uplifting for us.

We are travelling in a 1995 RV that’s going to need a lot of DieselWe have no idea who is going to show at these gigs because we are not selling tickets. It’s all a gamble, but it’s an adventure. "

So what kind of venues are they looking for? You’d think the more obscure the better as this band are used to impromptu living room gigsSiddy continues:” We have had some great suggestions already like an end of exam party on Hadrian’s Wall, a vegan barbecue in someone’s living room and even some endangered allotments that need protecting. 

" What I’m really hoping for is a marriage proposal. I would love to appear and serenade somebody after they have been proposed too.

There is a beneficial element to all of this fun, as any leftover cash will be donated to Given to Live - a project that raises money to make live music accessible for the vulnerable and excluded.

The dates in June are expected to be in the region of:
Sunday 21st –The Whistlefield Inn, Loch Lomond
Monday 22nd – Carlisle
Tuesday 23rd – Kendal
Wednesday 24th – Manchester
Thursday 25th – Birmingham
Friday 26th – Bristol
Saturday 27th Glastonbury

Each day the band will pick the winning venue for the next show and plot their route towards Glasto.

Release details for Wildflowers debut album ‘On The Inside’ will be announced soon. 

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