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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Philip Sayce - Influence

Fans of rock and blues may find themselves in a constant struggle these days to find new artists producing breakthrough music that’s as classic as the good old days. This is where Philip Sayce, who has just released Influence, the follow up to 2013’s album Steamroller, comes in.
His influences are exactly what shine through. Vocally, it’s Kravitz-esque with flurries of delicious licks, with riffs strongly nodding to Stevie Ray and Hendrix. 
Produced by Dave Cobb (Rival Sons) who has done a good job not to stamp on Sayce's signature rawness, this album is just as energized and commited to the rock cause as the previous. 
The start of each track generates new excitement and you always look forward to the solos. Opening track ‘Tom Devil’ does not disappoint with psychadelic Clapton channeling riffs. 
Sayce has captured the flavour perfectly - some of his playing actually sounds like Hendrix has stepped in. Now, what can be more exciting than that? You get a real sense of being sat in a smoky, dim-lit backroom somewhere watching this being recorded.
'Out Of My Mind' starts out with a bit of Chili Peppers style, which is no bad thing; setting a toe-tapping pace and getting the blood pumping. This goes straight into the funk-laden 'Sailin' Shoes' that just simply makes you smile.
'Blues Ain't Nothin' But A Good Woman On Your Mind' is as blues-shuffle as it gets. As a listener, the raw passion is felt down to the core as Sayce assaults the wah out of this track. 
To finish up you get gospel classic ‘Peace In The Valley’, featuring the soulful, gravelly vocal of Nashville vocalist Joe Savage.
Music can have huge impacts on people and the quality craftsmanship of this album is capable of evoking such passionate and intense emotion. 
It’s a shame that Philip doesn’t get nearly as much credit as he deserves, as here you’ve got a delectable menu of blues, funk, rock and a heavy sprinkling of Sayce magic. Delish.


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