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Thursday, 24 November 2011

ChickenFoot III album review

When you get a supergroup made up of super artists such as Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Chad Smith and Michael Anthony, it’s like getting an ice cream with all the best flavours in one. Here they bring us their confusingly titled second album III, which is smoother, sleeker and even tighter than the last.

Initial track ‘Last Temptation’ showcases Hagar’s excellent vocal abilities, while not ignoring what Satriani is capable of. There’s a great mix of hooks and riffs, but not so many as to seem self indulgent. This is carried through the album which makes it even more endearing.

Keep listening and you’ll see all the energy and power of the first record, engaged with intricate and polished lyrics to produce an all round enjoyable package. ‘Three and a Half Letters’ is a great example of this, showing a softer side to the album. The words tell the story of letters Hagar has received from people who are struggling in their lives - from soldiers to divorcees and the jobless. Sammy’s screaming vocals set to a powerful, bass driven track not only create a huge statement, but a piece of art.

‘Different Devil’ has whiffs of Van Halen from Hagar’s stint in the band, just proving that what we’re getting is bits and pieces from hugely successful careers, to complete one big rocking puzzle.

Listening to ‘Dubai Blues’, which starts off with a lone drum beat, then kicks in with guitar, then a long while before any vocals, gives a real live feel, as if you’re in the studio while the track is being recorded first take. It’s not hiding anything, just pure, honest rock from a group of guys who know what they’re doing.

This album just flows from start to finish, with no lull in the middle. This already honed group have gone away, toned and tweaked every so slightly and have come back better than ever. In rock ‘n’ roll terms, this is how it’s done.

Rating: 4/5

Alaina Henderson

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