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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Philip Sayce Album review Ruby Electric

Think of a time, a golden age where you could go and see guitar legends such as Eric Clapton, BB King or Gary Moore live on a regular basis. When you listen to the music of Canadian Philip Sayce, a blues-rock singer songwriter originally from Wales, you will instantly feel part of that scene, right here, right now in 2011.

There aren’t many emerging artists of this genre making it successfully now, so it’s safe to say that Philip is bringing fans around the world a taste of that sweet soul nectar to experience live, or through the stereo.

Sayce has just released his new album Ruby Electric and is touring the UK next month, including many intimate venues which are perfect for this style of record. This album is a great example of what to expect from a live show as the first volume was recorded live in a studio and the second volume live on stage. A unique way to record an album, and from the success it’s feeling already, it shows it was the right choice.

The first track, ‘Let the Love In’, is a great first impression of the funk, blues, soul machine that is this album, which is instantly likeable. Philip’s voice has the rock ‘n’ roll twang of Axl Rose, along with the gritty and melodic tones needed to deliver with passion and intensity.

The album is a mix of delights for any fan of real, raw blues-rock. It’s like the best cocktail in the world; the perfect blend of sweet and smooth, sharp and tangy, with a punchy kick. ‘Were you there’ is a belting blues composition that showcases Sayce’s talents brilliantly. A range of vocal styles with the weathered growls you’d expect from one of the heavy weights with years of experience. Impossible for such a young artist, but somehow, you believe he’s been around and knows his stuff.

Instrumental track ‘Alchemy’ has a strong dose of Hendrix and ‘Cinnamon Girl’ is a stadium hit in the making. You can easily detect the idols of this young artist, but who says there’s anything wrong with being proud of your influences. Ruby Electric is a gourmet meal of a record; you get little bites of each delicacy, but all of the absolute best quality. Sayce’s comparisons to John Mayor and Joe Bonamassa are justified - not only is he similar in style, but he definitely rivals them in status. It’s easy to see Philip as the next Kravitz.

A fresh squeeze of Sayce is just what the music world is looking for, so get out the juicer and prepare to be delighted. Catch him on tour - it will probably be the best musical decision you make this year.

Rating: 5/5

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