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Friday, 26 August 2011

Chemical Trails album review

When was the last time you broke out the Britpop? This kind of music was everywhere at one time, but these days it seems to have taken a back seat. Things could be set to change according to new Britpop rockers Chemical Trails with their new set of songs.

The self titled album is a blend of Depeche Mode, U2, Radiohead and Coldplay with lots of originality mixed in. Brought about by Frank Francone (lead vocals/guitar) and Easy Greg (guitar/keys), with the help of Jepp De Mita (Bass), here lies a track list grown out of pure sweat and determination. Self written, arranged, produced and edited to assemble a compilation the music scene is in need of; retro sounds brought organically up to date through good old fashioned hard work.

First track, ‘Living Volcain’, delivers deep vocals, sultry rhythms and the echoing, dolphin like call of guitar. Straight in with the Depeche influences, yet you still get the sense this was written from absolute self experience. Another track ‘Morning After’ has deep and thoughtful tones, inside the mind of instrument and song, with a chorus that kicks in like an alarm clock, just to send you back drifting into this soft and speculative song. Think Jeff Buckley and you’re along the right lines.

The next track, ‘Running Forward’ is a different slice of Chemical cake altogether; catchy and upbeat with an actual sense of ‘running’. Gone are the low and slow vocals and in are the strong and powerful shouts and screams to match the pace of this track.

This album would easily sit at home alongside the likes of Coldplay in popularity today. Here is a collection of songs that have been thoughtfully and skilfully put together to bring the listener a pure example of what new bands are capable of. Whatever you are looking for, here is a great place to start, with a collection for fans of rock, pop and other with a huge chunk of originality.

If you haven’t heard of this band yet, find this album before it finds you. Who knows, Britpop could be back and even better than before.

Rating: 4/5

Alaina Henderson

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