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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Review of Black Country Communion the album

Consider things that go well together. Fish and chips, tea and biscuits, Jack and coke: some classic examples. Amongst these divine combinations now has to be Joe Bonamassa and Glenn Hughes with a generous dollop of the extremely delectable Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian to go with it. This ‘supergroup’ is Black Country Communion, who released their first, self-titled album in 2010. If you’re expecting to hear a self indulgent excuse to show off individual talents, as can sometimes come from supergroup compilations, this is not what you’ll get. The album features 12 hand crafted rock ‘n’ roll songs firmly rooted in the classic rock sound that these boys do best. Throughout, you get funky motown vibes coming from the influences of Mr.Glenn Hughes combined with the smooth and soulful sound of Joe Bonamassa – it’s a heady mix for the senses. This has to be one of the greatest collaborations in recent years and by not losing the Deep Purple and Led Zep rockness while still delivering something that’s different, it’s what you’ve wanted to hear all along. Songs such as ‘Beggarman’ firmly cement this with passionate and intense vocals, ripping guitars and thundering bass. A rock-city bound train that’s just not stopping. What a ride you’re in for. It’s not all about the vocal and playing ability, however; it’s also about the song writing talents. ‘The Revolution In Me’ is a great example of the stories that this band has to tell. From start to finish, the album is like a great book and you just want to know what happens next. As Joe says: “I’ve seen the tallest mountains, I’ve drank your finest wine” - combined, they’ve seen the world and rocked it for the past few decades. The songs they put together today have elements of every encounter, every great gig and great song written over the years. BCC is proof of the talents and wares of each individual member set in stone. It’s got blues, funk, hard rock, soft rock, soul, and passion. It’s just got it. What more could you want? Number two is on its way (the title as well as the second album), which is set to be their second stamp on music history and will declare that rock is still very much alive and well. Grab the Jack, grab the coke, sit back, listen and enjoy.

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