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Monday, 28 February 2011

SouthSonic: Thin Lizzy live review, Bristol Colston Hall, Jan 16th 2011

So, let’s think about bands that have reformed after losing a crucial member: The Who, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Queen are all guilty. Thin Lizzy are another. There will always be a certain dynamic that cannot be recovered after that member is gone, but when Phil Lynott died in 1986, he left the legacy of a band that was to be carried on with dignity and pride.
When reforming Thin Lizzy with a replacement singer, they could easily have become another tribute band, but turns out that the guy they have found is full of passion and respect for Phil Lynott and his music, which showed in his performance of pure heart and soul.Ricky Warwick, previously of the band The Almighty, not only sounds just like Phil, but is himself a huge fan of Lizzy and says he has to “pinch himself every day” to believe this is his job. When he’s not singing with The Almighty - where he is almost shouting with a gritty, growling voice - his vocal is soft with an all round mellow tone which makes him sound incredibly like Phil but without trying to imitate.As the lights went down and that iconic Lizzy neon sign glowed in the darkness, they stroke the first chord of 'Jailbreak' and awe kicked in.Warwick has that rock god status when he’s on the stage, beholding an air of confidence even in this daunting position. You could see how happy the crowd were to be given the chance to hear the music of their hero live, and you could see on the faces of guitarist Scott Gorham and keyboard player Darren Wharton how happy it made them to still be up their in their comfort zone, doing what they do best. While the set list was quite predictable, it still had a few surprises; every song was a classic to sing your heart out to.‘Waiting for an Alibi’ came out within the first quarter of the set, along with ‘Don’t Believe a Word’. ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ was an absolute gem to be experienced live. It created a warm glow inside that made it feel like the whole room is full of drinking buddies propping up the bar. (Except, of course, for two long-term fans trying to re-live the glory days, looking like extras from a Wayne’s World sequel, slurring and staggering their way to the front – they got thrown out sharpish.)Later in the set, Darren Wharton sang ‘Still in Love With You’. It was a moment to make you stand still and just listen; a moment to reflect on Phil Lynott’s ability to write such beautiful, heart breaking and moving songs.The set seemed to be about ten minutes long rather than the actual one hour 50 minutes. The typical encore ensued with ‘Cowboy Song’, ‘Black Rose’ and of course ‘The Boys are Back in Town’ – which they most definitely are.Far from a tribute act, these guys are doing this for the love of Phil, for the love of keeping the music alive. And thank goodness they are, because it’s working.Rating: 5/5 Alaina Henderson (@Alaina_H)

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