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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

South Sonic: Slaves to Gravity, Bristol Colston Hall, Oct 2010

The lights remained on and the hall wasn’t anywhere near full. None of which helped the atmosphere of what was set to be a great rock show. Eventually, the lights dimmed, people poured in and the rock started to reign. Slaves to Gravity, the support band for Alter Bridge on the UK leg of their tour, took to the stage at around 8pm.

Dressed to thrill and looking sharp in black leather, silver chains, belt buckles and boots complete with guyliner, Slaves are made up of Tommy Gleeson (vocals), Toshi Ogawa (bass), Mark Verney (lead guitar) and Jason Bowld (drums). They have a new album, UNDERWATEROUTERSPACE, which they showcased songs from throughout their forty minute set.

The Colston Hall is a small venue and the band did their best to get the crowd going. They did a fine job. Lead singer Tommy knew how to work the audience; the dark, moody rock star look in his eyes mesmerised the first few rows, while Mark on guitar was in full power mode, pumping out chunky chords and ripping riffs. About two songs in the people started to get a feel for the music. All around, heads started to nod and fingers started to twitch. Their sound is heavy, so not for the casual rock fan, but coming to see Alter Bridge you must expect real, ear-drum burstingly loud and dirty rock and roll.

The songs from this band range from heavy rock to heavy rock although some may be a little mellower than others. Take ‘Doll Parts’: a watered down version of the sound they are known for. Also, ‘Honesty’, the new single from their album is a bit tamer than others. ‘Too Late’ is a good flavour of what to expect from a live show from these guys, leaving your ears buzzing and your heart beating. Their sound is always thundering, but still includes a melody of voices to carry it. Think Die So Fluid – if you like them, you will like this band.

This concoction worked well in a live sense. It definitely kept the audiences’ attention throughout the set, which isn’t guaranteed when you are a support band. If they’re this good in a small venue in the middle of Bristol, they must be destined for bigger and better things.

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